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Building Brands within a Brand


As a catalyst to stimulate emerging talent in the global market, Konjo International is a platform that exhibits Fashion and Beauty through events, editorial and branding awareness!

We also provide consultancy in the Fashion Arena to manufacturers, designers, models and individuals seeking direction.

We develop a strategically responsible approach to reach both national and international target audiences for our clients.


As seen in RARE Fashion Magazine…

Fashion Designer
Baqash Wilson

Konjo Collection

Born in the Bronx, New York, Baqash knew he would become a Fashion Designer when he began making his own clothes at the age of 12. Growing up the eldest of twelve children, there simply was not enough money to buy what everyone was wearing. He noticed even then, that every season people would run after the same fad or fashion that had flooded the market, even in the urban neighborhoods.

He asked, "Who decides what we will wear each year? I think I want to be the person who influences what my people will wear!" Upon graduating from High School he chose to major in Fashion Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York and this formalized his education in the field.

Baqash has won several national design awards including the first New Day Designer of the Year, Canadian Club Designers Showcase and Golden Design Award. His merits as a Costume Designer have been seen on stage in local productions of Dream Girls, The Wiz, Evita and several others.

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Miss World Ethiopia 2021

Entries: October 7th-19th, 2021

Who will represent Ethiopia at the Miss World 70th Anniversary in Puerto Rico, USA on November 21st – December 16th, 2021.

At a time when the world is facing many challenges the Miss World Pageant allows young woman an opportunity to live their dreams and express their hope for a new future. As a global Ambassador – Miss World Ethiopia 2021 is a voice to be heard and beauty to behold!

(photo: Miss World Ethiopia 2018 – Soliyana Abayneh




Ultimate Man of Color Global Competition

As a platform to showcase the depth and dimension of Men of Color, this competition will feature contests in Fitness, Talent, Fashion Runway and Editorial Appeal, Speech and the pursuit and passion to launch or enhance their own business or foundation.

At a time when the global spotlights are focused on the systemic racism and the injustice that prevails heavily on the world’s vulnerable and socially deemed different, our event is designed as a showcase where Men of Color can express themselves as positive role models and become needed beacons of inspiration and collaboration for all generations.


UMOC2022 Poster for Dallas



The Ultimate Man of Color is an individual of creativity as he expresses his talents and ambitions through perseverance!

This event is a 21st Century looking glass into the many unique worlds of our competitors whose voices must be heard and who all exude the qualities that command respect, honor and love that can be shared.

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