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    PDF Form:

    If you prefer, you can download and fill-out the PDF form; or use the form below.
    Click here to download the PDF form.
    Email your form to info@konjointernational.com.

    ** Either method: Don't forget to email your photos and video as well.

    -Thank you,
    Konjo International

    Entry Requirements:

    Your information:

    Your social media profiles:


    What are your present career goals?

    What special gifts or skills do you possess?

    What accomplishment are you most proud of?

    Tell us about your childhood and upbringing?

    Where do you draw inspiration from?

    What expectation do you have of yourself in 7 years?

    Tell us something unusual about yourself?

    What do you believe are some of the most difficult challenges that young Ethiopian Women face today?

    How do you believe change can take place and what part do you intend to do to contribute to a viable solution?

    As Miss World Ethiopia 2021 what cause or purpose would you champion during your reign as the title holder for your “Beauty with a Purpose” mission?

    Tell us why you should be Miss World Ethiopia 2021?

    Vital Statistics:


    ** Must Send Recent Photos: Head Shot / Body Shot (Swim/Shorts) / Fashion Shot (Showing your sense of style).
    Photos do not have to be professional. After submitting your entry, please email your photos to info@konjointernational.com

    ** Send us a video not more than 2 minutes telling us about yourself and why you should be Miss World Ethiopia 2021? You are not judged on the quality of the video. Be as expressive and honest as you can. Must have the ability to communicate in English. Please email your video to info@konjointernational.com along with your photos.